Microsoft makes a hostile bid of $44.6 Billion on Yahoo!

Written by admin on February 4, 2008 – 4:44 am -

The whole internet is buzzing right now over the news of Microsoft’s Hostile bid of $44.6 Billion on Yahoo!

What was known as a once independent strong company is now looking at the appealing possibility of a sell-out to Microsoft. If Yahoo were to be bought out by Microsoft, the stats for it’s traffic is as shown:

Search Engine Traffic:

Google - 69%
Yahoo/Microsoft (Live Search) - 35%
Ask - 4%

In terms of Search Engine traffic Google would still dominate, however in terms of traffic by UVs Yahoo is still ranking first in the internet world according to alexa.

Yahoo or MSN Live Search alone can never beat google in Search, but what would happen if Microsoft combines forces with Yahoo? If they were to release Yahoo Publisher Network to worldwide publishers instead of just US, they would prove to be a serious competitor for Google’s Adsense. If the software monster does take over Yahoo, they might be another start of a monopoly like what they did with PCs.

Do you think Microsoft and Yahoo can beat Google one day?

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