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Thanks for stopping by my blog.My name is Ahmad “Alpha” Uzair Bin Ahmad Fuzi and I’m 24.I’m the webmaster and writer of Alphagiga. I live In Malaysia.

Why I Start Blogging?

Well, i like to surf the internet.I be surf-addict since 2003 and what i do most when surfing is reading e-books,find latest digital product and news.I spare my time to be PC troubleshooter when i’m study in college long ago.So,i must be updated to the latest news in software,computer hardware and etc.I just like to blogging since i want to explore what others ability that i had and want to learn programming skill in PHP,Javascript, Apache and other similar progamming languages.I’m new in this and hope to develop my skill later and make my Alphagiga “louder”.

My Other Interest

I also like to travelling.But i don’t have any camera to take beautiful picture since i can’t afford one.I made a promise to myself that when i want to buy something, the money must from online,or in other words,i make money online.I also like to play football,futsal, and my favourite team is Manchester United :)

And now i spare out my money to invest in my “Big Project” soon.This will be the first of my Alpha Network website.Hope my project will launch soon.

Favorite Quotes

  • Knowledge Is Not For Yourself,Spread To The Needed!
  • Work Hard,Think Smart
  • Do Not Fear Failure,It Just Steps To Your Success.

I hope you like my blog.Writing is new for me but i’m passion with it.I’m not start this blog to make money but as a place that i can give and share my thought and experience to the community and give back.I’m strong believe in my religion as we take,we must give or share it back.I put all my thought and learned from book,other netrepenuers articles and knowledge in this blog and since you learn something from this blog, i appreciated it.

About Me

Here I'll share my knowledge, discovery and experience related to my hobby and work. Most articles on this site are related to blog design, short reviews, tips and make money online. More

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