Bill Gates, the software monster!

Written on January 9, 2008 – 12:45 am | by admin |

Was just reading some interesting bit of news about how Microsoft is taking on the challenges of IT ahead in this competitive market with Google and Apple being their main competitors. Here is an abstract of an interview with Gates from CNET at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Are there specific things that need to change about the company’s products or culture?
Gates: Remember, it’s all about software. So why are we talking about those companies? There are very few companies that understand software. The phone is becoming about software, the TV experience is becoming about software. Our bet goes back to the founding of the company–that software is going to be at the center (of things). It really is coming true.

From the standpoint view of Mr. Gates, software seems to be the core platform in which everything else comes from. As I was reading this article I was thinking of how Microsoft advanced so well over all these years. No doubt they are the ones who created Windows OS and dominated the world’s computer platforms and now even going on to mobile sector. However in the recent years we have also seen Big competitors like Apple, Google taking over part of their industry.

Speaking about Google, these past few years they have been buying up lots of sites including youtube for 1.5 billion. Some of the sites they have bought recently includes feedburner, grandcentral dot com. Gates sees Google as an Advertising Company and Apple as a music industry dominance. These past few years indeed Google has been making billions of dollars from their Adsense Advertisements however there is so much more than just advertising.

As we all know the Big G! has got a super strong search engine that dominates the Search Engine World even whom yahoo, msn live and other SEs can never compete against them. Not only that rumors has confirmed that Google has been buying up tons of Optic fiber cables to set up the next generation of telecommunications hub. With their recent acquisition of GrandCentral dot com (an online mobile platform) it is not a matter of whether are they going into the market of telecommunications, the question to ask is when?!

Currently Microsoft has taken the move to once again dominate mobile phones with softwares from Imagine one day Google provides internet broadband services to everyone in the world and cheaper and faster than the local ISPs, what happens when the Big G! decides to not service Microsoft products in their telecommunications network or to show discrimination towards them? It would deem Microsoft products as useless due to incompatibility. Think about that ;)

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