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6 Reasons Why Macs Are Better Than Pcs

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007 |

apple versus pc

Yesterday, I post about 5 facts that PCs are better than Macs. And the impact are huge.I got some emails that so harsh to read. But none of you didn’t know that I was a Macs fanatic myself..

So, then I list why Macs are better than Pcs

1) Cheaper In The Long Run 

-The oldest Macs that can run Apple’s latest operating system have just celebrated their eight birthday, yet all but a handful of the oldest Vista-ready Pcs were still just kit and components this time last year. Macs are often criticized for being overpriced, but when you spread the cost over their respective working lives, the Mac comes out cheaper than a Pc.

2) Greater Stability

-Macs do crash, and anyone who tells you they don’t is a liar, but the tightly controlled UNIX-based operating system is far more capable when it comes to isolating and terminating problematic applications than Windows. Pc’s come from baby-and-bathwater school of conflict management and throe out the whole lot-data,app and OS-in exchange for a garish blue screen and a forced reboot.

3) Mac Office Is Better 

- The very first version of Office was out a year before the Pc, and it continues to innovate under Mac OS X, with many features appearing on Apple hardware first. Plus, the operating system’s built-in support for creating PDFs means Mac users have been rolling out their spreadsheet as Acrobat files for more than half a decade, while Windows workers have only just been granted that feature with Office 2007(and even then, it’s an optional download).

4) More Secure 

- For one thing, the operating system is built on a Unix core, with all the restricted and tiered permissions management that affords. For another, the fact it has a smaller user base than Windows counts in its favor, since for the last 20 years hackers and script kiddies have largely left it alone.

5) Mods Don’t Rule

- Nobody ever thought a Mac would look better with neon lighting and a glowing water cooling system. What does that say about Apple’s eye for design?

6) Goodies Use Macs, Baddies Use Pcs 

- Studies have shown that Hollywood has a tendency to make its baddies use Pcs, and its heroes use Macs. Fact. That’s why Jack Bauer and his CTU colleagues on 24 solve major terrorist threats using machines built for OS X. And when Jeff Goldblum wanted to infect the Independence Day mothership with a virus to save the world from destruction, what did he use? A PowerBook 5300. Except, of course, you won’t find a virus on Mac.

5 Facts Why Pcs Are Better Than Macs

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007 |

This is only in my opinion. You are free to comment.

Mac versus Pc

1) Service Packs Don’t Cost Too Much

-Since Mac OS X was launched in 2001, there have been four “new versions” of the operating systems-Puma, Jaguar, Panther and Tiger- with a fifth, Leopard, due imminently. Apple has effectively introduced the first subscription operating system, and has somehow got away with it. If Microsoft had done likewise, Bill Gates will surely more rich than he ever though now.

2) Thousand Of Decent Games

-” I was designed for the home,” scream the Mac ads. You were? Then how come you’ve got such a poor bunch of games? At the time of writing, the top selling Mac games on were World of Warcraft, Age of Empires iii and The Sims ii- a two year old title designed for loners who need imaginary friends to compensate for the lack of actual people in their pitiful life.

3) Broadband Just Works

- It’s hardly their fault, but our poor Mac friends aren’t always well served by the ISPs. USB broadband modems can fail to work properly on Macs, and when customers attempt to phone the tech support lines for assistance, they’re none too amused when the script reading drone at the end tells them to “Click on start button and select Control Panel”. Finding a reliable ISP is hard enough; finding one that also support Macs is headache you really don’t need.

4) The CD-ROM Has An Eject Button 

- Want to take the DVD out of your Mac’s disc drive before it shuts down? Go on then, press the eject button. Hang about, there’s no chuffing button on the disk drive! No, it’s far more sensible to put the eject button on the keyboard and rely on the operating system to spit out of your disc.

And what happens on those occasions when the Mac’s are refuses to open the disc drawer?” If you can’t get it to eject, then just hold down the mouse button next time you reboot,”. Brilliant.

5) Copious Amount Of Freeware 

- One of the advantages of Window’s long tenure at the top is the vast quantity of freely downloadable software now available.To be sure, there’s an active Mac shareware community as well, but the numbers speak for themselves: the files repository lists more than 55,000 packages of freeware and shareware for Windows, compared just 4.586 for the Mac. Which library would you rather have access to?

The will be an update for this list.Just wait!

How GPhone Could Rewrite The Rules

Saturday, September 8th, 2007 |


gphone concept a edit

As the rumors still going on, the speculation about the Google Phone still hot. Look at the picture that been design by Lorin Wood, don’t take it seriously as it only a sketch. Anyway,it’s a good picture.

As Apple Iphone is still being the most adorable phone this year, so far, it still playing by the rules. For more comprehensive explanation, follow link through here.

Will You Blend Your iPhone?

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007 |

After Apple released their new iPhone, the hype is so madness. They are some of them try to smash, try to crack it, and now, try to blend it. But somehow I think that is a good marketing strategy for Will It Blend teams to take advantages for the iPhone hype nowdays.

And you can find the ‘blended’ iPhone was going in auction on eBay.

The bid was $380 for now and will ended on 9 days. I bet that the blended iPhone will be price higher than the “unblended itself”. Have take a look at it.

I Had An iPhone, What’s Your’s

Friday, July 6th, 2007 |

Merrick Brown Holding His New iPhone

Photo: Steven Siewert


If you want to meet a real iPhone fanatic peoples, Merrick Brown are one amongst them . He had just returned from five exhausted day, 32,000 km round trip to the east coast of the United States just to be the first batch to get the new Apple release.

The 26-year-old New York consultant says he has fixated on the touch-sensitive phone, with an in-built iPod that can also be used to surf the web, ever since it had its first public showing in January.

Analysts in the US estimate that Apple and its phone company partner AT&T may have sold over 700,000 iPhones last weekend. And 95 of Apple’s 164 stores and many of the AT&T outlets around the country are reported to have sold out.

The device, which comes in two models priced at $US499 ($580) and $US599 ($700), is only sold in the US where it can only be used on AT&T’s mobile phone network.Scores of hackers and gadget enthusiasts have literally taken the iPhone apart in an attempt to discover how it works and - importantly - how the phone can be “unlocked” and used on other networks in the US and in places where it has not yet been released.

And for your information,Merrick Brown is an on secondment in Sydney and the iPhone didn’t fucntion as mobile phones since Apple plans to launch the phone in Europe later this year and in Australia in 2008.

Mr Brown believes that it will only be a matter of time before someone cracks the code that will allow him to use his iPhone in Australia to make and take calls - a breakthrough that could lead to a flood of iPhones being imported into country ahead of the official local launch.

Hola Mr. Merrick Brown for new iPhone. I wishI have it.

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