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Ways of making money with domains

Thursday, December 6th, 2007 |

Today I will be sharing on the different ways of making money with domains.

Just a brief introduction, I started off with domaining as my internet career and spent more than 6 hours a day over a span of 40+ days researching and finding out the current market trends of domains. Over the course of the next few days I will be sharing tips and updates of latest trends of the domain industry. My knowledge has mainly came from (domainer’s forum) as well as articles all over the web.

A little teaser, the word domainer isn’t actually a dictionary word but most domain sellers use the word domainer to describe their career as it sounds cool ;)

So how can you make money with domains? Here are 3 main ways:

  • Buying domains for $8/year (reg fee) and reselling them to other domainers
  • Buying domains as investments and selling them off only to end-users
  • Earn through domain parking

Now I will explain in detail these 3 ways and/or strategies.

The first method is commonly called ‘flipping’. Domain resellers buy domains from registrars such as and for $8 usd/year and then resell them to other domainers in domain forums. This method requires time and energy as it involves buying and selling domains off at low prices daily but it is a quick and fast way to increase your capital for bigger investments.

The second method moves into the arena of long-term investments. Domainer registers a domain and keep renewing the domain yearly in hope that an end-user buyer (someone who has plans to develop the domain) would come by one day to purchase it at a high price which is often decided by how much a buyer is willing to pay for the name. The seller can then decide to either sell at the offer stated by the buyer or in most cases fight for a higher sale price. This method is what I call ‘Striking Lottery’. We never know when an end-user buyer would come by, but the returns are great!

The third method ‘Domain Parking’ is where domainers have their domains display pages full of advertisements. The domainer earns from advertising revenue each time a type-in visitor clicks on an ad that appears on the page. Two examples can be found here and here. Generally this method generates revenue from mainly type-in traffic and most domains get 0 type in traffic unless it’s a common or generic name that people would just type in the URL address bar. Bad news is most of these generic domains or rather all have already been registered. However there are still ways to earn with domain parking which I will explain more in the next few posts.

As a domainer, my advice is to choose a strategy to take. Sometimes it’s tempting to sell your domains to resellers when you get frustrated in the long wait for end-users. Making up a clear strategy with reference to the first 2 methods will help you make a firm stand between going in for the fast little bucks or lying in wait for the BIG FISH.

Next up I will be speaking on ‘how to pick a good domain with resale potential’ as well as ‘earning from domain parking’. Hungry for more?

Domain Income Report Released!

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007 |

Everyone’s waiting for this! It’s been 5 months since I started domaining. As reflected in my earlier post, domaining was my first internet venture. I started out with just 8 bucks and re-sold some domains. As of now I have 113 domains. Some of these names in my portfolio are purchased at a higher price from other domainers.

Here comes the income report: I have spent a total of $1126 buying 113 domains and made $760 just by selling 11 domains alone!! And it doesn’t just ends there, up till now I have received offers of more than $900 for another 18 domains in my portfolio.

As of now, I have 11 domains sold. 113 - 11 = 102 domains left. Yet I have already covered close to 2/3 of my expenses in purchasing the domains. I would love to show my paypal screenshot as validity of it however due to numerous transactions of all kinds done am unable to trace and show them.

Awesome isn’t it! The best thing is all good things and knowledge are meant to be shared! In the next few days I will be sharing on how to buy/select good domain names, marketing your domains, simply making money with domains and much more tips to be successful in domaining. So HOLD your horses! Don’t rush straight into buying lots of domains now, continue reading my posts and tips for the next few days before entering into the fray.

If you are too excited to start and would like to go ahead before reading my tips, check out That is one of the world’s biggest domaining forum where you can find out a lot about domains and it’s trade.

Make Money with Domains!

Monday, December 3rd, 2007 |

Some of you may have heard of the word domaining. A domainer is one who buys and sells domains eg., is a domain name. Some people call domainers cyber-squatters cos all you gotta do is just sit on the domain, have it on a parked page and wait till an end-user comes and buy it off you for offers as high as how much the buyer is willing to fork out. ;)

I started out 6 months ago as a domainer in online business after my friend introduced buying and selling domains to me. When I first heard of it I never knew people could actually make money just by buying these names for $8usd a year and re-sell them for as high as $300 MILLION such as recently!

Heh gotcha! Gone were the days when such premium 1 word .coms were completely bought out and cannot be hand-registered anymore. The only way to buy these names is to contact the owner of the domain. To find info and email of the owner, you can easily find it by using

So I started off with buying 3 names mainly and I offered these 3 names to buydomains a domain portfolio company and they offered $20 for rlyy, $55 for greatbargains and $60 for

Wow!! I din know I could make money that easily and so I sold off to them for $60 but it came to a regret as people whom I got to know from (a domainers forum) later told me I could easily set up a web directory on and sell it off for more than $500. Oh well what a bummer I didn’t know web directories existed at that time =/

Anyway forget about selling your domains to, they are known to rip people off by buying domains for cheap from nubs and selling them off for a few hundred to few thousand to end-user buyers.

Coming back to how I started, for the past 5 months I have acquired more than 100 domains. If you are excited to hear how much I have made from them, come back again tomorrow!

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