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Alienware’s Area-51 ALX CF To Use 45nm Processors

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007 |

alienware area-51 ALX CF computer

Just a few hours after Intel confirmed about those hot new 45 nm Penryn processors on shipping, Alienware announce their Area 51- ALX CF new desktop machine to use the new processors.

It can be overclocked up to 4 Ghz and it also equipped with 2 ATi Radeon CrossFire HD 3870 graphic cards. The price won’t be surprised.It start from $ 5499. The look of the case still like a decade ago with a little improvement of the design. It will definitely play Doom but with probably on low to mid level graphic. With Crysis, it just asking o much. But with the hefty $12,500 for the whole high-tech solution, I don’t think you could probably throw away your money too much on it.

picture from :Engadget

Samsung New Multimedia Speaker ‘Chic & Smart’

Monday, November 12th, 2007 |

samsung chic & smart speaker

Samsung had introduced their new “Chic & Smart” multimedia speaker during KES 2007.From the first look, this ‘bottle’ like speaker seem not too adorable with just 2 watt or power, I don’t think this could be your gadgets personally. But from my eye’s personally, no doubt it had beautiful design.

Pictures taken from Aving

Gigabyte Visual: Your PSU Monitor

Saturday, November 10th, 2007 |

Gigabyte Psu Gauge

This was freaking awesome but unfortunately, the Gigabyte Visual operate only with the firm’s Odin GT-series of power supplies. This monitor enables us to keep a close look for the temperature, fan spreed and power information in one monitor via USB.

With the tag priced not even disclosed yet,perhaps Gigabyte will open up the compability specs for other than Odin GT-series of power supply soon.

Via : Engadget

Bling Bling For Your Apple Mac

Monday, October 8th, 2007 |

apple 24 carat Gold plate Macbook

This 24 carat Gold Plated for your MacBook sure will make Apple hard fans out there rolls their eyeballs out of the socket. Look nice and sleek, but I’m not sure to buy it if I had cash for it.Seems to obvious to have Gold Plated Macbook with a diamond stud in the Apple logo.

No way I would bring it out from my bedroom. No way! With the tag price range from $1200 to $1500, it just waste of money and security except you live in the places where no one knows or you just had a big fat load of cash and still wondering what you want to buy.

via : Wired Blog, TechEblog

I SignUp For PPP

Thursday, October 4th, 2007 |


Not just sign up.Actually, I already make money with it.But this opportunity to blog about PayPerPost, I can’t resist to talk about it and give a clear review and what I earn and learn.

PayPerPost want to give me $20 to blog about it.So, why don’t I? Firstly, I already heard about the service last year. But only on July 2007, I decided to go for it. And what’s amazing with it, it is so simple and easy to get paid to blog.

There’s a pro and contra about the services. As usual, PageRank will be Dominant Factor to get more money.If you had a PageRank 5 or above, one review could be vary from $100 to $300 per post. That’s a huge amount! Consider if you make 10 post per month with $100 tag, you will be paid $1000 at the early month next.

Just now, I can only take a post value from $5 to $1o per post and sure it was a small amount, but; that’s also money right? I won’t agree to much with the PageRank matters that be the factor to gain higher tag price per post. You can game the PageRank.The were so many blogs and sites out there doesn’t had the real value for their PageRank.Some sites are even we can call it none valueable but gain a higher PageRank.

Alexa also be the factor. I don’t find it the true weight to measure the traffic but what can I say. But a blog with low Pagerank, high Alexa ranking also can make money.Don’t worry about it.Just take a little harder.

Sincerely, PayPerPost was a place that so easy to make money.Just a little time to convert you leisure time to money.And now, after finishing this post, I earn $20 for just 30 minutes spending my time for it.

How GPhone Could Rewrite The Rules

Saturday, September 8th, 2007 |


gphone concept a edit

As the rumors still going on, the speculation about the Google Phone still hot. Look at the picture that been design by Lorin Wood, don’t take it seriously as it only a sketch. Anyway,it’s a good picture.

As Apple Iphone is still being the most adorable phone this year, so far, it still playing by the rules. For more comprehensive explanation, follow link through here.

Free Online Backup At IDrive-E

Sunday, September 2nd, 2007 |

idrive-your online Backup solution 

There were a lot of online backup sites on the web, but try this one for sure. Here at IDrive-E, You can get a huge 2GB storage for free and if you deserve more space, they were a paid option for unlimited backup for just $ 49.50 a year!

If they were a free online backup services for 2GB of storage, this site offers the best quality so far. And your backup data was encrypted so the were no worries of being stolen or whatever disaster that you mught think.Enhanced security with 128-bit SSL encryption on transfers, 256-bit AES encryption on storage with a user defined key that is not stored anywhere on IDrive-E servers was the point.

And one of the main point must be an easy drag n drop restores using Windows Explorer like interface and that is what they give you.

While there are other alternatives in consumer online backup space, IDrive-E improves up on them in performance and features.Take a look for more further details here.

Auction Ads Goes Web 2.0 Style

Thursday, August 30th, 2007 |

See the sweet ads above. It’s really amazed me. Auction ads has been improved to web 2.0 alike with the sleek design and color.

But as I might review, you don’t have a total control from the new ads. If you are using the old ads, you have a higher level customization like borders,color, heading, description and ads color.

For those who had an account before, why not you give a try!

How My Site Traffic Went From 0 To 14657 Monthly Unique Visits

Saturday, August 18th, 2007 |

Enough for the long title, I found this 1200 words article is adorable. Why don’t you just follow this link and review it yourself.And for more post here.

Sothink SWF Decompiler-The Easy Way To Extract Your SWF Files

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007 |

I arrived at the office this morning with an open heart. And then, my manager ask me to go into her office and ask me to do a favor. I ask her what is it? She then tell me that she want to extract the files from the hardcopy of her flash project and she don’t know how to do it.

The project is for her project paper for degree purpose. She had to submit it by this Saturday and the time is so limited. I ask her where is the soft copy? And the she said that the softcopy files are corrupt and she even didn’t do a backup for that. But at least now she had the hard copy.

I take the challenge as she will give me RM 100 to do that. I search decompiler software around Google and then found this amazing flash decompiler software. It is SoThink SWF decompiler. I search for more information and found that this was the perfect solution for me.

After buy the software using my manager credit card(it’s pain in the ass when try to convince her about the software!), I download use it.

Believe me that is was so easy to use. Just open the swf files and convert it to fla.It also can extract elements from SWF into variable formats. Apart form it, it can be compatible with all SWF versions and converted FLA is from version 6.0 to 8.0. You can get the fully FLA file including linkage, components, *.as, etc.

Also you can choose to extract ActionScripts as txt or bin, sounds as mp3 or wav, images as jpg or bmp or png, videos as flv, shapes as gls, frames/fonts/texts/buttons/sprites as swf to your local computer after an SWF is decompiled. Both SWF and EXE (Flash project) files are supported.

After show her a little bit how to do it things, I just told her to do the rest. And then she smile back at me. I smile back at her and in my head..Where is my money?

How To Do Things Offering Writers Opportunities

Saturday, July 14th, 2007 |

How To Do Things is looking for writes out there. Erik Budde, the spoke persons for the company tells that they want to rapidly expand the content on the site and they means aggressively to invite writers to write for them.

The company offers a program where people can get publish themselves and share in the revenue generated from those pages over time. I had sign up with them and they use Google Adsense sharing revenue system and it’s very easy to associate with.

This site are growing with 2,500 “How To” articles with a variety lot of topics and category. To be accepted, you must complete a short application, pick the categories where you have expertise and start writing. Though they were growing tremendously, the are enough room for everyone since there are many topics are less or without articles.

It’s a good chance to share your expertise, be recognized as an expert and help others. You can also use your profile page to promote your business or website (including a link).

To get started, click here to get started.

Spotplex Launches Digg competitor

Thursday, July 12th, 2007 |

This site was officially launched yesterday, after going Beta since February this year.Spotplex is a recently launched news aggregator that offers Digg alternative model where users submit and vote on stories. Articles are ranked by the number of pageview you receive.

As to sign up,you first must have an open id account which in case you don’t have, you can sign-up here. After that, you will be ask to put a code in your blog and for the most,it easily with wordpress blog with sidebar widget support. The site then counts the number of times readers access articles.In addition, Spotplex provides a widget that can be added to a blog page to track the popularity of different posts.

But for a some reason, this system will make the established blogs benefit the most and it hard for other new blog then. In situation like this, it will force a new blogger to work out on their content to make them established to and it was a good sight.

The beauty of the Spotplex pageview model is that it doesn’t require users to make any special effort to promote an article they like - only the blogger needs to make an effort, and add the relevant code.

I just sign up with them and let me see what the benefit that I will get as I will post about it after using it for 2 weeks or less.

I Have Something For You

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007 |

toolbar powered by Conduit

Today, I make a Toolbar for all the readers that been loyal so much with this site. I just customize the toolbar to suit your needs.

The toolbar consist a chat room where you can hanging around with me and other fellow readers. It also consist an automatic content link from my site in your toolbars. A pop-up blocker is a must so I had installed it for you.

You also can search everything with Google search engine box that I’m customized since Google bring a more relevant search. It’s compatible with IE 7 and new 2.0+ Firefox. I’ve also customized a link to other blogs so you can search more and more blog content in a sec rather than search it.

If have a suggestion for what blog might be linking to, just contact me or leave me a message. I will add it on as long it’s for community. So, why don’t you just download it now and feel free to put down a message if you have something or idea to suggest.

Weirdest Computer Case

Sunday, July 8th, 2007 |

Computers come in many different flavours, but apparently that ain’t enough for everybody. Case modding - the modification of a computer chassis - has become a big hobby for thousands of enthusiasts around the world.

But, if your computer case look like this?



Maybe I will spend a more and more time with her. This one was built for a magazine in the spring of 2004 and is some sort of manga figure. But why do you have to see the panties?This case mod is extremely well put together, and yes, it’s WEIRD and SEXY!.

via: fosfor

Impressive 43 Computer For World Of Warcraft

Sunday, July 8th, 2007 |

Do you play World Of Warcraft? It’s was an interesting game isn’t it? But here’s a quite unsual gaming setup. It features 47 computer which makes it possible for two persons to take control of 23 individual World of Warcraft accounts at once. WTF?


via : Gizmodo

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