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End of Niche Video Sites with youtube and google adsense

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008 |

Just last year, tons of people have been moving into online video sites to make big bucks off it. With that craze so hyped up, people have came up with youtube scripts that automatically draw youtube vidoes to be displayed on blogs and websites.

The video niche became so saturated. A lot of webmasters think they can easily make money off such video sites and lots of such video databases for wordpress blogs are sold in DP. However to be really successful in such video sites would require traffic which could be mainly gotten via search engines.

Here’s the sad piece of news today for video sites owners who uses youtube videos:

YouTube -

We’ve recently updated our Terms of Use to clarify what kinds of uses of the website and the YouTube Embeddable Player are permitted. We don’t want to discourage you from putting the occasional YouTube video in your blog to comment on it or show your readers a video you like, even if you have general purpose ads somewhere on your blog. We will, however, enforce our Terms of Use against, say, a website that does nothing more than aggregate a bunch of embedded YouTube videos and intentionally tries to generate ad revenue from them.

Needless to say youtube being owned by google, any webmasters found to be displaying ads on a video site infested with youtube videos will risk their adsense accounts getting banned.

The good news for niche video site owners is that there are still many video sites out there such as veoh, megavideo, ouou, youku, stage6. Thankfully these sites are not owned by google so google doesnt have control over them but who knows, one day google might just disallow their ads to be placed on all video sites. That would be a catastrophe. Nonetheless video sites are still very good cash-making revenue streams :D

The Big G! 2008 PR Update!

Sunday, January 13th, 2008 |

This is the 1st update from Google in 2008! All datacenters have been updated now and your updated pr is now shown on the toolbars as well. Unfortunately google dropped my pr =(

It seems that google has been on the frenzy of penalizing blogs which sells text links or pay 2 post articles. Frankly speaking it’s good that google is doing this to prevent manipulated page ranks. However I totally disagree with them punishing bloggers who do pay 2 post. Firstly this is another way advertisers advertise their products through blogs and it’s only appropriate to post the advertiser’s link back to their website. Big G! this aren’t a very good move eh.

Anyway if ya wanna check out your current PR just in case your toolbar is broken, check it from digpagerank [dot] com. That’s one of the most accurate pr tools around. To check your site’s backlinks, visiting smartpagerank [dot] com is worth a try!

PR Update Glitch!

Friday, January 11th, 2008 |

Just about 16 hours ago there was a PR update glitch. It seemed like there was a pr update however 30 mins later pr went back to the normal state. A PR update would just be round the corner. Sadly alphagiga pr already dropped from pr3 to pr0.

Google is Evil!

Bill Gates, the software monster!

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008 |

Was just reading some interesting bit of news about how Microsoft is taking on the challenges of IT ahead in this competitive market with Google and Apple being their main competitors. Here is an abstract of an interview with Gates from CNET at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Are there specific things that need to change about the company’s products or culture?
Gates: Remember, it’s all about software. So why are we talking about those companies? There are very few companies that understand software. The phone is becoming about software, the TV experience is becoming about software. Our bet goes back to the founding of the company–that software is going to be at the center (of things). It really is coming true.

From the standpoint view of Mr. Gates, software seems to be the core platform in which everything else comes from. As I was reading this article I was thinking of how Microsoft advanced so well over all these years. No doubt they are the ones who created Windows OS and dominated the world’s computer platforms and now even going on to mobile sector. However in the recent years we have also seen Big competitors like Apple, Google taking over part of their industry.

Speaking about Google, these past few years they have been buying up lots of sites including youtube for 1.5 billion. Some of the sites they have bought recently includes feedburner, grandcentral dot com. Gates sees Google as an Advertising Company and Apple as a music industry dominance. These past few years indeed Google has been making billions of dollars from their Adsense Advertisements however there is so much more than just advertising.

As we all know the Big G! has got a super strong search engine that dominates the Search Engine World even whom yahoo, msn live and other SEs can never compete against them. Not only that rumors has confirmed that Google has been buying up tons of Optic fiber cables to set up the next generation of telecommunications hub. With their recent acquisition of GrandCentral dot com (an online mobile platform) it is not a matter of whether are they going into the market of telecommunications, the question to ask is when?!

Currently Microsoft has taken the move to once again dominate mobile phones with softwares from Imagine one day Google provides internet broadband services to everyone in the world and cheaper and faster than the local ISPs, what happens when the Big G! decides to not service Microsoft products in their telecommunications network or to show discrimination towards them? It would deem Microsoft products as useless due to incompatibility. Think about that ;)

Secured Check delievered by DHL from Google

Friday, January 4th, 2008 |

Just got my check right up to my doorstep by DHL delivery for the month of December. This is the first time receiving checks from Google Adsense using the Secured Check Delivery option which cost $24 usd.

However the check came slower than the normal check option due to Christmas Holidays. If anyone is considering using the Secured Check option, use it only if your area’s post office is slow in delivering letters. The country which I live in Singapore has a very efficient post office system that a normal check from google will take about 5-7 days to be issued to my letter box upon payment issued from google. Secured Check from DHL took 4 days for me so I guess it’s not worth it to pay extra $24 just for a check that arrives 3 days faster than a normal check.

PayPerPost Could Be Dead Soon

Saturday, November 17th, 2007 |

I’ve been realize that some strange happening with them. When I take a look at the opportunity being decreasing speedily, I realize that this services could be some failures soon. As we seen many website that being penalized by the mighty Google for use PayPerPost services as quoted by them in their blog, there are some bloggers are taking action to not be associated with the services again.

Truly, it so easy to make money with PayPerPost, but then I realize the important part, it could lead to some irrelevant etiquette in blogging and also for the existence of a good and quality search engine.

And when Google are playing their Pagerank system, it hurts the PayPerPost so much, although they said that they would come out with REALRANK to wipe out the PageRank system into their services.

We could see they are trying to re-rejuvenate themselves right now.But probably, this could dead soon.

Google Adsense Change Their Ads Clickable

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007 |

Google Adsense is making changes to text ads.Instead of getting click anywhere on an ad
unit,clicks now will only work when there is a click on an actual title or URL in the ad.

adsense new click zone

Google reason for this:

We’re rolling out a change to our text ad formats to help reduce accidental clicks and increase value for advertisers…..This new format will match the changes we’ve implemented on to help decrease the number of accidental clicks and increase the number of ad conversions. A reduction in accidental clicks will keep users on your pages, interacting with your content until they choose to click on an ad. This change will enhance the user’s overall
experience with your websites and improve advertiser campaign value, but it’s likely that your click-through rate will decrease.

The pros and cons with it is there are some good things about this for the advertisers.But on the flip side, the publishers could or maybe disappointedly that Adsense had change the rules for it. It has the potential to hurt publishers and it bottom line says, it will lead to less clicks and decrease earnings.

Although Adsense that they expet it to lead to increased spending by advertisers in the long run, they would expect decrease publishers for Adsense in a short time. If publishers suspect a decrease in their earning, it would lead them to find other adsense alternative.

Look like Google had been trapped by themselves for changing this.Google Adsense, had loss it sense a bit now.Perhaps, they could think other way to make sure that it will benefit both publishers and advertisers.

Google acknowledge this, but when it talks about money, they take aside their credibility and their sole aim for what Adsense is all about.I don’t understand why they said that it was to reduce the accidental clicks.Mean, for the recent year’s, all accidental clicks publishers had been paid and hurting some advertisers because delivering fool traffic to them?

If there’s anyone in the Adsense team’s doesn’t have the technologies to track what type of visitors,or to notice that some clicks are accidental?It’s not all about users, it’s all about money they get from advertisers.They had notice decreasing advertisers in their program lately, and now they had to make some changes to retrieve back their advertisers.

And,who will get hurt? Again, users will be the target.Google had lose their attraction to serve users the best and quality services.Some predict that Google will hold the entire internet world.From my opinion, don’t expect that would be true. Who make Google been success? The users.The people.

And don’t forget, users are always the victorious. With Yahoo! and Live had made recent changes to compromise with Google search now, I’m expecting both of them could lead to further develop their search algo quality.And again, You’re not Google Bitch!

Do You Think You Can Do This?

Friday, November 9th, 2007 |

adsense check

Now you see what I’m trying to do right now. I’ve see this pictures by Shoemoney about 1.5 years ago and still be courage by what he had done. Shoemoney had reveal what he do to get this big fat adsense check. Me and you should learn something from it.

Are you ready to think outside of a box? Now sure you must. Take a look at his CJ numbers. I’m fuc#$*& depressed to look at it twice.

cj commission

Go read shoemoney post here and hat tip to Sabahan for give me more encouraging numbers to hunt.. :)

Forget The PageRank Matters, Go Hunt Your Serps Ranking!

Monday, October 29th, 2007 |

Many high rank blog and sites are being downgrade for their Page rank and Youtube now is on PR 3 from their previous PR 8. That a huge drop isn’t it. Even Youtube was a Google accompany site, Google show no discrimination here. IMO, the pagerank updated actually, is not updated fully.Means, it’s not finalized. As you noticed before, Problogger had been downgraded to PR 4 and evetually yesterday, his gain his PR back to 6. So, it seems Google PR now is still fluctuated and not even we call it PR update anyway.

Also notice for JohnCow blog, the PR is 3 but if you check with digpagerank, it show PR3 and PR 5, and IMO, the PR for johncow will be 5 instead. But, don’t take the PR event too much.Unless the PR decrease your rank and visitors, that will seriously hurt. But, currently, the PR decrease had nothing to do to the serps ranking and same for me.

So, how I can make money online? Eventually, there are many of ads companies use PR as a factor determining the value of link especially, Text Link Ads,TNX and many other more. If you just only use these types of advertising solution to make money, now you must consider it back. What I’m suggesting are, make your own ads board like you see at Techcrunch, Problogger and many other sites and blogs, and  make your price for your blog. Your blog is not other bitch sites and you have the right to set a price according to your visitors and your quality.

Hillarious Adwords!

Saturday, October 27th, 2007 |

I always go to Shoemoney blog and a long ago,he did mention about his spoof, Bootmoney that was freaking funny with pride attitude. As for today, there are many threads in forum like Digitalpoint says that PageRank has been updated. I’m not sure but by looking already to my inner pages, yes, it’s confirms.

But that is not the story for today. Long story short, I went to Bootmoney blog and find so damn funny,sexy and crazy adwords campaign that been made by him. I don’t think it will be real because it’s again Google Adwords TOS, by the way, if i looking this ads running when I search for pages in Google, I will sure to click it.


adwords campaign

Pic from:

What the impact that you feel when you see the ad? It cause a curiosity feeling and use ass popping words, (yea, I’m a man), that hit my eyes that send an impulse to the brains and reply it back to my fingers to do the action.(to click…)

Google PageRank Updated, Again?

Thursday, October 25th, 2007 |

There are no major update yet for Google Pagerank, but some other blogger had spotted a major downgraded for some major blogs like Problogger, Engadget and Copyblogger. And for some reason, Andy Beard explained that it mostly got penalized were either selling links or exchanging them inside large blog networks.

In my opinion, the PR downgraded doesn’t affect too much if you had good daily visitors and trusted brand. Since the suspected reason for a lot major site being Google Slapped is selling paid links, I don’t see any reason for the cause.It’s maybe because of re-adjustment of the PR value in the toolbar. But remember, the PR in the toolbar and Real time PR value at Google Datacenter’s is not same in value. And what you see at the toolbar is a 3-month old PR(or more) and that surely can’t be treated as indicator to make money online.

And what happen is, many Ads companies use it as a major factor to get more value for your site in term of money and all they had is, get money from us, using Google pagerank lack of ability as one of their major indicator to rank websites and blogs.

This is a major issue that many of us doesn’t see thoroughly. It’s seem that ads by impression or monthly ads subscription at the sidebar could barely win the situation and for mostly, get better exposure and ROI rather than text link that could affect badly.

Since, I don’t bother with my PR anymore, I sincerely doesn’t look at it too much. I don’t value content, blogs or sites, and people with PR. I value it with what they write, and it’s all about producing good content.

Does PageRank Just Update?

Saturday, October 6th, 2007 |

I notice that JohnChow blog drop from PR6 to PR 5 and then I came across to Sabahan blog and he did say that his blog now has drop to PR4 from PR5. And I notice that nothing happened to my blog PR yet.Maybe my PR is updated and no change for this time maybe the full PR update is not finish yet.

Yet I find a good article about pagerank which you can find here.

Google Adsense Payment Is Available For Malaysian Publishers via Western Union

Saturday, September 29th, 2007 |

Now, Google Adsense payment can be received via Western Union Money Transfer for all Malaysian Publishers.Payments will be available for pick up at your local Western Union Agent the day after they are sent according to the normal payment schedule.Sure it will cut off the long time waiting using mail check before. I hope there will be an option payment via Paypal also in the next few months or years.

To find out whether this option, login to your Google AdSense account, go to Account Settings tab, then click the [edit] link next to the Payment Details. See picture below for further explanation.

google adsense via western union

After that, go to to locate a Western Union Agent.Continue to further step after.

Web 2.0 Startup Game

Friday, September 28th, 2007 |

If they anyone out there want to play some web 2.0 company startup game, this one is suited for you. Brought by OneMoreLevel, this interesting game can fill your waste time and give you a little bit education about it.


Then it will appear something like this..


The goal is to reach PageRank 10 and be bought by Google. It makes me try for the third time to achieve this.. Sure it can be bought though. Otherwise, I found it interesting.


His Not Stupid, Just Had A Big Balls Than Us

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007 |

stupidest google lawsuit case

A man , Dylan Stephen Jayne, from Pennsylvania, is going to sue Google. The complaint, 5 pages hand written implicate that Google is responsible for compromising the safety of his Security Identity Number.

His number, as when Google use to used coded form for everything, when read it reversely,it will appear Mr. Dylan SIN number. He sue Google for $ 5 Billion! No doubt he had a big balls,unfortunately, his brain also think like his ‘balls’.

More News here.

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