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First Widgetbucks Payment Received!

Friday, December 7th, 2007 |

Hey everyone! I have just received my very first Widgetbucks payments from their company Mpire Corporation today.

Here is proof of it :D

Now it has finally been proven that they are NOT a scamming Ad company. To all users who were previously afraid of using them, now is your chance to join and grab your $25 free per sign up! This promotion is closing soon!

An introduction of Widgetbucks:
Widgetbucks is an Advertising Company that started on 1st October 2007. When they were first out they were paying very high $ per click which is commonly known as PPC (pay per click). This attracted a lot of webmasters to sign up with them. However there were many webmasters who were wary of Widgetbucks due to it being a new Ad Network which may not pay on payday. The tables have turned around now I am pretty sure now there will be more people using them again.

So what are you waiting for? Join them now and get $25 free here.

WidgetBucks sending first payments!

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 |

Awesome! The day has finally arrived! According to Widgetbucks blog they are sending the FIRST October payments 10 days earlier!!

This is an extract from their blog:

WidgetBucks is now distributing October earnings to publishers — nearly 10 days ahead of schedule. The initial wave of PayPal payments was sent yesterday, while the remainder go out over the next couple of days. Checks are being processed and mailed early this week as well, including those sent to international publishers. Given large holiday snail-mail volumes, please allow for additional time for checks to arrive, especially those sent outside the U.S. Note that only those publishers who earned $50USD or more (including the $25 sign-up bonus) during October will receive payments. Considered the fastest growing ad network on the Internet today, WidgetBucks has served three-quarters of a billion ad impressions in just its first two months.

Very exciting! Now that their first wave of payments are out it could lead to a high possibility of them regaining the trust of publishers and webmasters once again. Phew it’s a good thing I continued placing their ads on my proxy sites as it seems to finally pay off for trusting a brand new ad company which was acclaimed by many webmasters as scammers. For those who have yet to sign up, good news is the $25 bonus sign-up is still available! Sign up now and get $25 free here!

For the month of October alone WidgetBucks has made me $220.09 + $7.75 referals which mainly came from my proxies. Stay tuned, I will post my recipient of their payment when it’s sent to my paypal. In time to come I will also share tips on how proxies can make anyone a fortune! Yeahh that’s what we all love about Internet Marketing cos it gives us the opportunity to work less and yet earn big figures ;)

p.s Domain tips will be out shortly.

Domain Income Report Released!

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007 |

Everyone’s waiting for this! It’s been 5 months since I started domaining. As reflected in my earlier post, domaining was my first internet venture. I started out with just 8 bucks and re-sold some domains. As of now I have 113 domains. Some of these names in my portfolio are purchased at a higher price from other domainers.

Here comes the income report: I have spent a total of $1126 buying 113 domains and made $760 just by selling 11 domains alone!! And it doesn’t just ends there, up till now I have received offers of more than $900 for another 18 domains in my portfolio.

As of now, I have 11 domains sold. 113 - 11 = 102 domains left. Yet I have already covered close to 2/3 of my expenses in purchasing the domains. I would love to show my paypal screenshot as validity of it however due to numerous transactions of all kinds done am unable to trace and show them.

Awesome isn’t it! The best thing is all good things and knowledge are meant to be shared! In the next few days I will be sharing on how to buy/select good domain names, marketing your domains, simply making money with domains and much more tips to be successful in domaining. So HOLD your horses! Don’t rush straight into buying lots of domains now, continue reading my posts and tips for the next few days before entering into the fray.

If you are too excited to start and would like to go ahead before reading my tips, check out That is one of the world’s biggest domaining forum where you can find out a lot about domains and it’s trade.

I Make Money With CJ|So, WTF?

Monday, November 12th, 2007 |

Someone send me an email said that all my CJ earners that I posted in my income report are all bluffing. This guys is totally s*#@ in my as*. I don’t mean to be rude here,but his email is totally piss me off. So, i post here my CJ income as to date 12/11/2007 or here for better view.

commission junction stats

See for your self.Although it’s not as high as Shoemoney get, it prove that I make money online. He asking where are my websites and that turn me to be madcows. How the hell on the earth I would tell anyone my niche of a site that make me hundred of dollars per month?Shoemoney also will not reveal all his websites too.

I check his i.p address and found that he was from Malaysia. Just for reminder, I work hard enough to gain what I make today.So please respect for your voice and rant. Speak with facts.

Internet Income-October 2007

Monday, November 5th, 2007 |

So, here we come again. Does Pagerank penalization hurt my online income?  There  are no such thing happen to hurt my serps rank and  visitors too.  For the first time, I will divided my my income  to two separate sources.  My affliates site and this blog. Without further a due, this is the figures how much I make last month.

My Affiliates Sites 

1) Google Adsense : $ 76.02

2) Comission Junction : $ 565.00

3) Amazon Associates : $ 32.00

4) Private Ads Sales : $ 115.00

TOTAL : $ 788.02

This Blog 

1) Google Adsense : $ 26.99

2) Text Link Ads : $ 7

3) Pay Per Post : $ 20

4) Kontera : $ 3.15

5) Private Ads Sale : $ 50

TOTAL : $ 110.14

GRAND TOTAL : $ 898.16

So now, I targeting to break $1000 per months for next month. I want to improve my private ads sale and of course my CJ. i love CJ so much.It’s so easy to make money with CJ if you know how exactly how to do it with Pay-Per-Click and organic search result. This blog now receive almost 800 unique visitors per month and if you want to advertise to this blog, drop me an email and let me know.

Internet Income-September 2007

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007 |

I’m glad to tell you that I break my income record this month.After decent hard work and dedication, it now pay off. It’s been one and 7 months for me in journey to make money online. If you were my loyal readers before, you will see a slight changes at the header because I’m trying to put my CJ ads in this blog, but unfortunately, it just generates pretty low $15 from one lead. So I thought that I will pull out the ads first and try to generate more visitors to this blog first.

Also for the last month, the visitors at this blog was increasing. They was 4449 unique visitors with a total 7444 visitors for September 2007.

And this is the print screen of what keywords that keep sending my visitors here.

So, how much that I made last month?

  • Google Adsense : $ 113.30
  • Text Link Ads : $ 15.70(post link ads)
  • Commission Junction : $ 386.00( Include one success leads from this blog)
  • Amazon Associates : $ 45.00
  • ReviewMe : $ 0??????
  • Pay Per Post : $ 98.00
  • Kontera : $ 4.75
  • MalaysiaPal Affiliates : $ 12.00
  • Private Link Sales : $ 50.00

Grand Total: $ 724.75

At last, I break the $ 500 barrier for a long time, with; illegal way.No blackhat technique or splogs or MFA sites.

And now I’m aiming for the $1k per month barrier. Still work on 9-5 day job, and i admit sometimes I get so exhausted. Still the passion and self believe guide me to achieve my dream and wishlist. If you see no income for ReviewMe last month, it because they are no one asked me to. I believe it was my lack of grammar and depth analysis review be the cause for that. I’m still learning and keep improving my grammar everyday.

And now I’m planning something that had been stored for a long time. It will something around the ‘ ringtone’ terms and more like social sites. After all, just keep visiting this blog and thanks for the Top Commenter this month, David from Marketing Deviant. It was a good blog about marketing and business strategies. Give him a warm welcome by visiting him today.

Internet Income-August 2007

Monday, September 3rd, 2007 |

August had past away and the revenue must be updated. Sincerely, the accumulated earning for this month had decreased a little and I notice a couple of my competitive keyword had been swipe to low rank in serps. I thought it would might be because of Google Dance and I probably not worried about it.

1. Google Adsense: $ 117.47

2. Text Link Ads: $ 11.84

3. CJ: $ 189.00

4. Pay Per Post: $ 75.00

5.ReviewMe: $ 5.00

6. Kontera: $ 4.60

7. Private Ads Sale: $ 125.00(For six month).So, $ 20 each month.

Total: $ 422.91 a.k.a RM 1480.18.
Luckily, there were increasing income for Pay Per Post and Private Ads sale.As the private ads is for 6 months, so I treat it as $ 20 per month revenue. By adding the revenue with my 9-5 salary, it would be RM 3280.18!

I was so happy at the potential revenue I got here. And maybe if you want to know, I want to get marry next year so I must work hard to achieve that target.I made promise to myself that I never want to use other money or get a loan for it.I must do it myself and if not,maybe next couple years more.

Some of the crucial errors when make money online are when some of you don’t make a proper plan and targeted goal. I had made this mistakes before. The reason is, you must make a goal for yourself about what do you want to do.

I made this plan about a year ago and take a look of what it is:

Short term

1) Earning about $ 50 a month.(Did not happen until the 5 months!)

- When the target is achieved, you can maintain the work rate and try to figure out more revenue from your potential product or sites.

2) Get PageRank 4

-It was achieved for the other two sites but this site just manage PR3 and now I don’t ever bother about the PR matters anymore.

3) Make a deposit about RM 800 per month.

- just manage to make it 4 months ago and try to achieve RM 10000 next year or April 2008. The money is for my wedding or “hantaran” in Malaysia.My girl ask to

Long Term

1)Get enough money to send my father and mom to Makkah for hajj.

2) Built a stable business in the next 5 years(4 years more!)

3) Create an online community media and partner in the web.

4) Help others to achieve their dreams using this blog.

5) Reveal all the websites I had to others.Ha..ha..

6) Make some good noise.I love music.I like to be in the band.

They were so many thing comes through along this journey.I’m not a superficial human.Just an ordinary person.So you’ll also can make you dreams come true. Everyone can make money online if they get a proper guide and passion.

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