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TheNewsRoom pays high CPM to publishers!

Friday, January 18th, 2008 |

As I was browsing through DP forum today. I came across this advertising agency called TheNewsRoom.

What caught my attention was the high CPM that they offer below:

The News Room CPM payout

TheNewsRoom (TNR) is the premiere online news site advertising company and their purpose is to help companies and advertisers publish their news around the globe. TNR uses embed codes to display their ads on publishers websites with ad types ranging from video plays to content-like ads (news) as well as image ads. What is so great about them is their CPM rates are fixed! They will always pay you $4 per 1000 plays of a video feed while most advertising companies pay irregular CPM rates.

The good thing I like about this is also it seems like even if you get 1000 page views from traffic sources that comes from China, they would still pay you $4 cpm for video feeds. In which case they will not devalue your impressions by giving you dirt low earnings for non-converting traffic which almost all other ad companies does.

The other thing to boast about TNR is their video feeds can be set to auto-play as well so you would still be making money even if the visitor does not stay to watch the video feed. Their other forms of advertising seems promising as well such as the Text Story ad, this kind of ad would add as interesting news content to your site and the Image ad would boost colors to your site making it even more attractive. The best part is you can choose the kind of news and content that you want to display on your site which could be lucrative content for your site.

I have just signed up with them and will give an update soon. They have been around for quite a long time now and have paid out to many publishers so we can be assured they are not a scam :)

Ways of making money with domains

Thursday, December 6th, 2007 |

Today I will be sharing on the different ways of making money with domains.

Just a brief introduction, I started off with domaining as my internet career and spent more than 6 hours a day over a span of 40+ days researching and finding out the current market trends of domains. Over the course of the next few days I will be sharing tips and updates of latest trends of the domain industry. My knowledge has mainly came from (domainer’s forum) as well as articles all over the web.

A little teaser, the word domainer isn’t actually a dictionary word but most domain sellers use the word domainer to describe their career as it sounds cool ;)

So how can you make money with domains? Here are 3 main ways:

  • Buying domains for $8/year (reg fee) and reselling them to other domainers
  • Buying domains as investments and selling them off only to end-users
  • Earn through domain parking

Now I will explain in detail these 3 ways and/or strategies.

The first method is commonly called ‘flipping’. Domain resellers buy domains from registrars such as and for $8 usd/year and then resell them to other domainers in domain forums. This method requires time and energy as it involves buying and selling domains off at low prices daily but it is a quick and fast way to increase your capital for bigger investments.

The second method moves into the arena of long-term investments. Domainer registers a domain and keep renewing the domain yearly in hope that an end-user buyer (someone who has plans to develop the domain) would come by one day to purchase it at a high price which is often decided by how much a buyer is willing to pay for the name. The seller can then decide to either sell at the offer stated by the buyer or in most cases fight for a higher sale price. This method is what I call ‘Striking Lottery’. We never know when an end-user buyer would come by, but the returns are great!

The third method ‘Domain Parking’ is where domainers have their domains display pages full of advertisements. The domainer earns from advertising revenue each time a type-in visitor clicks on an ad that appears on the page. Two examples can be found here and here. Generally this method generates revenue from mainly type-in traffic and most domains get 0 type in traffic unless it’s a common or generic name that people would just type in the URL address bar. Bad news is most of these generic domains or rather all have already been registered. However there are still ways to earn with domain parking which I will explain more in the next few posts.

As a domainer, my advice is to choose a strategy to take. Sometimes it’s tempting to sell your domains to resellers when you get frustrated in the long wait for end-users. Making up a clear strategy with reference to the first 2 methods will help you make a firm stand between going in for the fast little bucks or lying in wait for the BIG FISH.

Next up I will be speaking on ‘how to pick a good domain with resale potential’ as well as ‘earning from domain parking’. Hungry for more?

Start your business with fast loan!

Thursday, December 6th, 2007 |

Just stumbled across this site that offers cash advance to anyone who’s in need of fast cash. It is especially helpful to anyone who is in emergency or in need of more capital for their business before payday.

Some advantages that I can see of using payday loan

  • public can apply anonymously - your details will be kept secret
  • ability to complete the application from home
  • easy convenience, no need to queue for hours

This kind of service particularly garnered an interest in me especially since my parents would not support me in Internet Marketing as they are afraid of the risk that it involves, such services allow me to borrow money in a fast and easy way for me to start off big with additional funds for my business.

Having good extra capital would greatly help in kicking start a business and jumping straight into the big game. This is good for you especially at times when you need money to buy some domain gems that you have found and realized you don’t have enough funds to buy it and would be sad to sell off something for less just to buy that thing you want.

So if ya need some fast cash and can’t afford to wait till payday, check them out.

Alphagiga taking a leap!

Saturday, November 24th, 2007 |

I no longer have the time to keep updating this blog due to a real life job. Sadly I have to pass this blog on to someone who could take AlphaGiga up another whole new level. I would like to warmly welcome Swank :) He’s an experienced web master and will be able to share more on his online entrepreneurship as well as his valuable experience.

Take care and I will be back sometimes!

Warmest Regards,

Love Can Kill Your Dream

Friday, November 23rd, 2007 |

I’m on a weird situation.Okay, let me tell the story. I had a beautiful girlfriend and we was on our six years relationship now. What the problem is, now her attitude’s are not like when we meet 5 years ago.And it all changed after she got a job as tollgirl at Projek Lebuhraya Utara Selatan(Plus) 3 months ago.

Before she get the job, she was like an angel for me.Really take good care for me,always asking me when I will propose to marry her. But now, everything has changed.I mean, a lot. She doesn’t mention ever about our relationship, about me and all that she were thinking is work,work,work.And she also had think to end our relationship because of the work.

And now the effect from this had coming through in my life for almost 2 months right now. I had a good job, a bright future, but now she doesn’t care.She just think about herself.Okay, right now, she will not think of me, but I bet after this, when I not take good care of her anymore, she will realize what was she doing right now is hurting someone that she love.

I almost get sacked from it, and it’s not the dream I chase.I was so  responsible about our relationship,but if nothing changed, what else can I do. So, dear honey, If you read this, better you ask yourself why I will not loving you anymore….Because about your love, I mean, chasing your love almost kill my dream and it will not happen.

Okay WidgetSucks, We Obey Your Order

Monday, November 19th, 2007 |

So Dean Jutilia, from WidgetSucks,oppss.. WidgetBucks, leave a comment about my post regarding to Widgetbucks yesterday.

To provide some WidgetBucks perspective to your largely misinformed post, the decision to not credit non-US or Canada traffic came from simply listening to our primarily U.S.-based merchants. To be clear, they don’t value the international traffic — or more to the point, they don’t want to pay for it — because it doesn’t convert to sale, period. A recent erosion of RPC is evidence of how we were being penalized for this traffic. Will we consider geo-coding, other alternatives and/or bringing on non-US merchants? Absolutely (are are looking at these now) but in the short term, we’re focused on recovering RPCs for publishers. Incidentally, it’s important to check the facts before just displaying misinformation on your blog — we had no such problem with Google. The people spreading that were originators of competitive products to WidgetBucks — that is a fact and I’ve got posts to prove it. WidgetBucks may not be for you — and that’s ok. Cheers, Dean Jutilla, WidgetBucks

So, they said that they will get no profit at all if they get the click from non us traffic that be redirected to their site. What a bluff. If they will be a transaction or not, they still get a profit from it.

Okay, Just give you some idea. Why not you just credited the click. Example like this:

For non Us traffic= $0.01
For US traffic= $0.10

And if the click from the Non Us traffic converted to sales, you just can add something to give them what the publishers might get. I wish you could coding something better for Geo Location ads, like make a sidebar widget for Wordpress publishers that will show the ads to only visitors from US and Canada according to their IP.

There are always be critiques for the young ads program like you and there a a lot of features can be improve though.

WidgetBucks Could Be Better If They Not Hire A Sloths To Run The Company

Saturday, November 17th, 2007 |

I go straight to the point.I’ve read the Problogger post about the interview with WidgetBucks 2 days ago and I found some blurb are coming around. It’s all started when some unhappy publishers ranting  about their earnings decreasing because of click from visitors outside North America and Canada.

For me that decision was totally ridicilous and even bad than Morten Meyerson, the man who lend his money to the lame search engine, reason is quite awful for a big high profile company like, who behind the WidgetBucks.

After they being hate by Google so much, because of the “ must not remove link” in the HTML code that been provide by them, now ask we to hate them also. Just because you can’t bringing a return that you had set before, it doesn’t mean you absolutely hit your publishers just like that.

I’m pretty sure that all of the “professional workers” at the WidgetBucks could think something to sort out their problem.They could fokkow the lead of example like Google that put Geo-Targeting and whaetver they could “SmartPricing”  that in simple word, pay the publishers with different rates, depending on the IP address.

So, what happen if publishers get a click from visitors outside from their unrestricted territory? All the click will be direct to the WidgetBucks creator or And guess who will get the pay if the sale been made although the visitors is outside from North America? Themselves. Come WidgetBucks, you would get to think another best solution here.

There are thousands or more U.S green card holder in other countries in this world and had intended to buy things like when they live in America. So please don’t just make simple assumption like that.Make another visitors from other countries look useless and not worth of quality of whatever you would say. Better not hire a real sloth anyway.


Wednesday, November 14th, 2007 |

This is my first time doing this. I’m asking anyone here to review my blog. I don’t care your reviews would be positive or negative or even you had PageRank 0. All i’m asking is just to put ” make money online” as the anchor text references to this blog.

The review should be at least 200 words. Alternatively, you can also put “webmaster blog” as the anchor text.

What’s The Change 

In return, you get link back to your blog and mini reviews about your blog in upcoming post. With more than 600 unique visitors per day, sure it will benefit both of us. And also, to be unique, I will give a prize for the best and quality reviews per month. What will be the prize? I give you $ 10.

And to make sure the judgment are to ensure quality and  good reviews,after each week, I will put a poll so all of you can pick who will be the winner. By the way, don’t try to hacking the poll as I will check every click with i.p addresses. So make sure don’t be a cheater.

The poll will be 50% and my own 50%. If this link bombing  could be a successful one, I would not think twice to giveaway more prizes. After post your review, please contact me at webmaster[at] alphagiga[dot]com.

I Make Money With CJ|So, WTF?

Monday, November 12th, 2007 |

Someone send me an email said that all my CJ earners that I posted in my income report are all bluffing. This guys is totally s*#@ in my as*. I don’t mean to be rude here,but his email is totally piss me off. So, i post here my CJ income as to date 12/11/2007 or here for better view.

commission junction stats

See for your self.Although it’s not as high as Shoemoney get, it prove that I make money online. He asking where are my websites and that turn me to be madcows. How the hell on the earth I would tell anyone my niche of a site that make me hundred of dollars per month?Shoemoney also will not reveal all his websites too.

I check his i.p address and found that he was from Malaysia. Just for reminder, I work hard enough to gain what I make today.So please respect for your voice and rant. Speak with facts.

Do You Think You Can Do This?

Friday, November 9th, 2007 |

adsense check

Now you see what I’m trying to do right now. I’ve see this pictures by Shoemoney about 1.5 years ago and still be courage by what he had done. Shoemoney had reveal what he do to get this big fat adsense check. Me and you should learn something from it.

Are you ready to think outside of a box? Now sure you must. Take a look at his CJ numbers. I’m fuc#$*& depressed to look at it twice.

cj commission

Go read shoemoney post here and hat tip to Sabahan for give me more encouraging numbers to hunt.. :)

Stand Out From The Others

Friday, November 9th, 2007 |

How about sharing an ideas, or think about something else that you could possibly make it better than what we have now. You could make this. You think you can make the best social site in the world.So, what it takes to make it?

It’s not how much money you need.Find what others disadvantages first. Look at Myspace, Friendster, Facebook, and other ‘ big’ players in social site,what the lacks from theirs you can tackle on. You must do a lot of research to do that. Research is important.It could takes a lot of time, but when you came out with the solution for it, that’s when you can cash out billions of billions dollars.

You can start small. If you realize that opportunity can’t happens twice, you should start from now on. I’m also had a lot of project that currently in development because the lack of money.But hey, I’m already start what I’m doing.

You can take this blog as an example. I had no intend to make money with it,but now, It can bring cash that I’m also couldn’t believe it can. Although this blog income is not like JohnChow, TylerCruz, or any others blog then, Yet, it could pull out the bling-bling.

Be positive, mentally prepared and goal hunter, you also can do what exactly other bloggers do.

Ads Slot To Be Fill In

Thursday, November 8th, 2007 |

The ads slot had be put up again.As you see,there were 6 more 125 x 125 banner for rent.And there were also 2 468 x 60 banner to fill in. The price for the 125 x 125 banner is $50 a month.For the 468 x 60 banner at the header, it costs only $100 a month.For the second 468 x 60 banner that will be put under the first post at the homepage, it costs only
$75 per month.

For the details, this blog receive almost 7300 > unique visitors last month totaling over 10,000 visitors for the  month of October.As the Alexa rank also increase to 400,000 from the last month and i will be expecting it will increase further more with the average 400 - 800 unique visitors per day that this blog receive now.And this blog stay as PR3 from the recent Google Penalization update 2 weeks ago.But if you take the PR matter so importantly, then this offer can’t suit your satisfaction.

To guaranteed a maximum exposure and better return for the ads, I’m suggesting that this blog only receive an ads as below category:

1)Make Money Online Products Or Sites Or Blogs
2)Search Engine Marketing
3)Affliates Blogs Or Products
4)Google Stuff
5)Hardware And Software
6)Technology News Site

- My readers age are from 18 to 35 years old
- 75% are Men and 25% were Women
- Their experince are between beginner and novice.(So,products for beginners are absolutely welcome)

And the good news is, I will post detail review of their blog or product for every advertisers in this blog to help give more exposure you need for free.
Don’t hesititate to drop an email for me if you interest for this.By the way, please keep in mind that I will rejected the ads if your products doesn’t
make sense for my readers and my blog because it will hurt my readers attention.No rich MFA sites,No porns,No Gambling,and more important,No bluff.

The Continued Post

Thursday, November 8th, 2007 |

After I reveal how I make money online using affiliates programs, you will think that I’m using an illegal technique.
You’re wrong.This is the second part. What do you think I will use some bullshit tricks. It doesn’t make sense and it agains’t
Google Adwords TOS.

What did I do? I’m running a review website and some of the review post I make in this blog. What I do is, I reviewing the advertisers products
.It’s simple but take a much time for research and understanding the products that you going to review.A good review will pay off.Trust me.
Okay, let’s face it. English is not my native languange but still I can make money by words.Do you imagine that?

So,this are the step.Now you had a product to review and first, you must know thoroughly about the product.Let say,
webhosting providers.So, list down what are the advantages and the lack of the services like price, bandwith,uptime,and most critical issue part,
customer services.After finishing takes notes,search for other hosting providers to tackle an important issue for comparising between what your affiliates
products can stand out from the other.Do it neatly so you will not give false information for your readers.

Remember, you write for people first, not Google.This will always been an issue.Some bloggers focusing too much for
SEO ’shit’.Keyword density,Google friendly instead of user-friendly and bla bla bla. i’m not telling that SEO is not important but if you focusing too
much in it, you just being faded by Google because Google follow people. You can have the most perfectly written Google Optimized page in the world but if
no one to read it,you just bashing out yourself.

Okay,back to bussiness.So now you had enough information.Now,elaborate the notes and use your own views. Your own view make your post to be stand out form the
others and people tend to read unique “hand-written” post rather than copying other quotes or styles.Make it to the best possible way that make your
readers likes the products you introduce to. Be frankly to your readers.If it had some lack, tell them, don’t hide it.Then what?Looking back to the post How
I Make Money Online With Affiliates
, put up the cloaking link inside your post and put some image in it. You will know why I said that image can increase
the effectiveness of your post by reading it.

Down to the last,I use Google Adwords to drive traffic to my review pages.You get two benefits from it.New readers while make some money.That’s why I
said before that content is everything.If the new visitors like your review style,perhaps they will bookmark your page or blog and then you will get
more visitors everyday.

What you’re waiting for?Don’t hate this post.Hate yourself for not doing it!

Now I Reveal How I Make Money Online With Affiliates Programs

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007 |

I think, this is the day that I will tell and teach you, how I make money online using affiliates programs using Pay-Per-Click(PPC) and some SEO wise. Since I make it with Commission Junction(CJ), I just show it how.

First, you must sign up with Google Adwords or you can choose another PPC like YPN or MSN AdCenter, but I stick with Adwords. Then, sign up with CJ and you finish the first chapter. Now, you must realize what your site or blog focusing about and what are the suitable content. It will help you to find the most reliable and choosing the right advertisers that give high paying out.

Let say, your blog or site focusing on common content and you just choose which advertisers that most suitable. Okay, for this time, I choose, an online file sharing host provider. Okay, let’s face it. then, what you must do is doing some keyword research for ” online file sharing”.

This is the best keywords that I compiled so far( Somebody will kill me for telling you this!) :

online file storage,
online file sharing,
file storage,
file sharing,
remote file access,
remote access,
back up,
online file editing,
document sharing,
send file,
send large files,
document management,
store documents online,
virtual file storage,
virtual drive,
web file storage,
edit documents online

Okay, CJ will pay you for $15 per lead for sending you visitors to the site. So, what is pay-per-lead?


Online advertising payment model in which payment is based solely based on qualifying leads.

In a pay per lead agreement, the advertiser only pays for leads generated at their destination site. No payment is made for visitors who don’t sign up.

A lead is generally a signup involving contact information and perhaps some demographic information; it is typically a non-cash conversion event. A lead may consist of as little as an email address, or it may involve a detailed form covering multiple pages.

One risk to the advertiser is the potential for fraudulent activity by incentivized 3rd-parties or marketing partners. Some false leads are easy to spot. Nonetheless, it is advisable to make a regular audit of the results.

Okay, now you don’t understand what is pay-per-lead right? Now we go to the next step. First, I want to teach you how to do link cloaking. Open up notepad in your Windows OS and put the code something like this:


Save it as box.php or other names that suitable to you. It might be little evil, but it’s a great way to increase your affiliate conversions. Upload the files using FTP to your root host and it’s done. Now, log in to your Google Adwords account and create a new campaign. The first thing to do is to understand what could bring you the most traffic. There will some country to include to your new campaign and how to save the most for your PPC cost is, to know which country visitors will convert well.

For online sharing files, most of the files that been sharing are porns, illegal software, pictures. So, for the porns, there will Uncle Sam top the place. And for illegal software, Asia’s country will be the suitable place. So now, you had in mind what are the customers or visitors you aiming for.I just give you the example, you choose it.

Put up your keywords that you been research and then set up how much you want to spend a day. I recommended you to set up about RM 50 for a day. What! Is it too much? Don’t play a coward situation here. Take the risk.

Now, after a long way to do this, monitor your campaign at least twice a day to look the conversion performance. Form there, you will learn and make your dream come true. So, I know they will be a question for this. You know where to go.

Add Effectiveness To Your Post By Placing An Image

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007 |


You will feel bored if reading an article like your school text books, or your college assignment. And, if you don’t realized, fancy magazines with awesome picture will make us to stay from navigate us to other place. Why, because the image capture your mind to stay and continuing to read the article below although it’s not what you’re looking for.

Many bloggers already doing this years back then and it one from best tip ever that you miss or they never tell you to do so. Good picture and related to the post you want to tell will eventually make your readers stay longer. Try it for yourself. Find a good pictures to embedded with your post and seeking the result for yourself. It not so hard to do eh’?

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