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First Widgetbucks Payment Received!

Friday, December 7th, 2007 |

Hey everyone! I have just received my very first Widgetbucks payments from their company Mpire Corporation today.

Here is proof of it :D

Now it has finally been proven that they are NOT a scamming Ad company. To all users who were previously afraid of using them, now is your chance to join and grab your $25 free per sign up! This promotion is closing soon!

An introduction of Widgetbucks:
Widgetbucks is an Advertising Company that started on 1st October 2007. When they were first out they were paying very high $ per click which is commonly known as PPC (pay per click). This attracted a lot of webmasters to sign up with them. However there were many webmasters who were wary of Widgetbucks due to it being a new Ad Network which may not pay on payday. The tables have turned around now I am pretty sure now there will be more people using them again.

So what are you waiting for? Join them now and get $25 free here.

Start your business with fast loan!

Thursday, December 6th, 2007 |

Just stumbled across this site that offers cash advance to anyone who’s in need of fast cash. It is especially helpful to anyone who is in emergency or in need of more capital for their business before payday.

Some advantages that I can see of using payday loan

  • public can apply anonymously - your details will be kept secret
  • ability to complete the application from home
  • easy convenience, no need to queue for hours

This kind of service particularly garnered an interest in me especially since my parents would not support me in Internet Marketing as they are afraid of the risk that it involves, such services allow me to borrow money in a fast and easy way for me to start off big with additional funds for my business.

Having good extra capital would greatly help in kicking start a business and jumping straight into the big game. This is good for you especially at times when you need money to buy some domain gems that you have found and realized you don’t have enough funds to buy it and would be sad to sell off something for less just to buy that thing you want.

So if ya need some fast cash and can’t afford to wait till payday, check them out.

Okay WidgetSucks, We Obey Your Order

Monday, November 19th, 2007 |

So Dean Jutilia, from WidgetSucks,oppss.. WidgetBucks, leave a comment about my post regarding to Widgetbucks yesterday.

To provide some WidgetBucks perspective to your largely misinformed post, the decision to not credit non-US or Canada traffic came from simply listening to our primarily U.S.-based merchants. To be clear, they don’t value the international traffic — or more to the point, they don’t want to pay for it — because it doesn’t convert to sale, period. A recent erosion of RPC is evidence of how we were being penalized for this traffic. Will we consider geo-coding, other alternatives and/or bringing on non-US merchants? Absolutely (are are looking at these now) but in the short term, we’re focused on recovering RPCs for publishers. Incidentally, it’s important to check the facts before just displaying misinformation on your blog — we had no such problem with Google. The people spreading that were originators of competitive products to WidgetBucks — that is a fact and I’ve got posts to prove it. WidgetBucks may not be for you — and that’s ok. Cheers, Dean Jutilla, WidgetBucks

So, they said that they will get no profit at all if they get the click from non us traffic that be redirected to their site. What a bluff. If they will be a transaction or not, they still get a profit from it.

Okay, Just give you some idea. Why not you just credited the click. Example like this:

For non Us traffic= $0.01
For US traffic= $0.10

And if the click from the Non Us traffic converted to sales, you just can add something to give them what the publishers might get. I wish you could coding something better for Geo Location ads, like make a sidebar widget for Wordpress publishers that will show the ads to only visitors from US and Canada according to their IP.

There are always be critiques for the young ads program like you and there a a lot of features can be improve though.

Sign The Unsigned Band

Saturday, November 17th, 2007 |

Music are one from many others that are so mean to me.And it good to listen a relaxing and good music when you are working a 9 to 5 job like me. But what I want to tell you is not about the music I like, it’s about I found a website that make a platform for unfamous yet band to establish themselves using “media social” buzz and promoting to help the band to get some a sort of contract or in other word, get to be famous.

There are to many talented band out there that we could even realize. So, when the platform had made, there are easy for them to be established or get to know someone that might be recognize and probably like to produce an album for the band. And not for the band only, solo singers or trio’s also could be helped by them.

Although they not like an MTV yet in promoting artist specealist recently, this could bring a huge success if it could be develop and promoting gradually.So, for the independent artists out there, why wait?

WidgetBucks Could Be Better If They Not Hire A Sloths To Run The Company

Saturday, November 17th, 2007 |

I go straight to the point.I’ve read the Problogger post about the interview with WidgetBucks 2 days ago and I found some blurb are coming around. It’s all started when some unhappy publishers ranting  about their earnings decreasing because of click from visitors outside North America and Canada.

For me that decision was totally ridicilous and even bad than Morten Meyerson, the man who lend his money to the lame search engine, reason is quite awful for a big high profile company like, who behind the WidgetBucks.

After they being hate by Google so much, because of the “ must not remove link” in the HTML code that been provide by them, now ask we to hate them also. Just because you can’t bringing a return that you had set before, it doesn’t mean you absolutely hit your publishers just like that.

I’m pretty sure that all of the “professional workers” at the WidgetBucks could think something to sort out their problem.They could fokkow the lead of example like Google that put Geo-Targeting and whaetver they could “SmartPricing”  that in simple word, pay the publishers with different rates, depending on the IP address.

So, what happen if publishers get a click from visitors outside from their unrestricted territory? All the click will be direct to the WidgetBucks creator or And guess who will get the pay if the sale been made although the visitors is outside from North America? Themselves. Come WidgetBucks, you would get to think another best solution here.

There are thousands or more U.S green card holder in other countries in this world and had intended to buy things like when they live in America. So please don’t just make simple assumption like that.Make another visitors from other countries look useless and not worth of quality of whatever you would say. Better not hire a real sloth anyway.

A Malaysian Made Good Google Adsense Earning

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007 |

Responding from Sabahan post about a Malaysian made USD 2746.56 from Google Adsense. This entry is nothing personal. Just to share and discover some value elements about the missing personality.

I respect the amount that Naem got for his adsense. But, after reading about what Sabahan post about him and reading the post by Naem about his adsense earning, I agree with Sabahan opinion.

Although he did not do anything PPC like adwords or YPN (adsense arbitrage), his techniques are not new. Creating splogs or spam blogs, and then take advantage of social networking site. It was done before and for a long-term earning, I assure it will not last.

Please remind that I was totally sincere about this post. I’m shocked when he said that his top earnings blogs are “garbage blog” himself. This is not good. By the way, everyone had their own technique and opinions right? I just didn’t want my loyal readers, my buddies at this blog, to copy that kind of technique.

But, like Sabahan said, if you are going for a quick buck and didn’t even care if you could be banned, this is a good one to follow. But, whatever it is, it’s nice to read Malaysians webmasters makes a lot of money using Google Adsense these days.

I’m On Pownce Now

Monday, July 9th, 2007 |

Thanks to Amanz for inviting me to sign-up with Pownce, created by Megatechtronium team, and one of the founder of Digg is one of them. And for those who lives outside the earth, Pownce is a social networking site where you can share your files (100 MB), links and events.

Similar like Joost, it’s running in Beta now, so it’s not open to public for a sign up yet. You just can do that by get invite by someone that had sign up with it. Only six invitation were allowed. Actually, I’m will happy for 100. Anyway, for those who want invitation from me, just put your e-mail in the comment form or you just use my contact page. Only six can be invite so you better get hurry.

Take a look at the my Pownce page here:



It’s easy to use and navigate. unfortunately, you can’t customize the layout.But I’m expecting that they will allow it when Pownce goes to public soon. For those who had a Pownce account, feel free to add me and check out my Pownce pages.

Play BackGammon-Interested

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007 |
Disclosure: This is a paid review.

How many play backgammon game? Interesting huh! Why not you take a look to online backgammon.

This backgammon online launched their gaming platform they’ve been gaining popularity within the online backgammon community, largely due to the high quality standard of their graphically rich playing environment complete with realistic 3D avatars and sound. And that’s features will suit an interesting play.

Poker fans will now be able to login and play at up to 3 game tables simultaneously thereby increasing their gaming activity and overall experience. New players can also play no charge fun mode games at BackgammonMasters in order to learn and practice the games without the risk of losing any money.

BackgammonMasters has also been gaining attention recently for their large payout competitions and for their new animated series which features their own tiger brand icon named Jean-Claude.

They said that they will be more to come into the pipes so wtach out that.

Release by - backgammon online source for news and information. More about backgammon online and online backgammon game rules can be found.

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007 |

Like others, I came across many blogs and new sites everyday. But most of them I would not spend more than 1 or 2 minutes because it’s not get any of my attention.Either they’re plastered with ads, RSS automatic post and I can’t find something I care about or the content is worthless.

But when I got the ReviewMe for Make Money Online And Escaped the Cubed, honestly I not pretty much expected what can I get from this blog . It was a nice surprise to be dead wrong exactly.LOL!

What you’ve got here is a clean blog and widgets with a very good content to read. But the most articles that I adore from this blog is his Adsense Trick For A Forum.And here’s example from the articles:

Knowing your market isn’t something that’s specific to operating a forum, it applies to any area you intend to target, whether it’s a forum, blog, static site or whatever. But the research you do beforehand, will not only help increase the profits you get should you choose to monetize your forum, it could save you a tremendous amount of frustration down the road.

And here is the quote that I like:

Research tells you whether or not a forum might be successful and how much energy it may require to get it going.

Agree with you. Research will tell if you will be successful or not.

What’s Turndown?

I can’t find the link to go to related posts without reading them by category. That’s about all I can complain about.

I can tell you that I mostly turndown to read a “make money online” blog but Make Money Online And Escaped The Cubed will go into my list of blogs to read.

Blu-ray vs HD-DVD

Monday, April 16th, 2007 |

Those who wish to watch HD-DVD or Blu-ray videos will have to dig deep into their pockets! In Malaysia, the player alone costs over RM 4,500($1300), the full HD television costs RM 6,800($2000) and a film costs around RM 135($39). But you still get something in return: A home theater experience in a new dimension, pictures so sharp that you can actually count every single blade of grass when King Kong fights with dinosaur. Besides the new HD disks have additional features such as interactive videos, games and facts about the movie. Let us take a look at HD-DVD and Blu-ray disc(BD) and get an insight into how perfect sound and super picture quality are produced. Also read how the software works on the player and how the new copy protection functions.

A Completely New Movie Experience

Video: MPEG 2 format is currently used for DVD’s and run with data rates of up to 9.8 MBit/s. However, this format is found lacking when it comes to the new HD discs as projected MPEG 2 files leave a trail of noise on a HD television. Picture sharpness suffers and intricate details become hardly visible. MPEG 4 AVC, also known as H.264 functions far better with data rates up to 54 MBit/s. Compared to MPEG 4 variations of DivX and Xvid so far, H.264 attains three times the quality. The main reason for this is because unlike its predecessors, it does not analyze video per frame square of 8 x 8 pixels but instead by blocks as big as 4 x 4 pixels. This translates into a more accurate projection. For the SMPTE-V-1 codec developed by Microsoft, it is supposedly just as good as the H.264 in respect to picture quality.

Audio: Blu-ray and HD-DVD hardly differ in this respect. Both have integrated qualitatively high grade audio codecs such as Dolby Digital Plus, TrueHD, DTS HD, and MLP(Meridian Lossless Packing). A slight advantage for HD-DVD is that contents are always encoded with Dolby and TrueHDCodec, on par with film studios using high grade audio equipment. Decoders for Dolby and TrueHD are integrated into all HD-DVD players so that new codecs remain downward compatible with older surround sound equipments. In this case, audio quality will be downgraded into normal DTS format. Blu-ray on the other hand writes only DTS contents.

So far, only TrueHD can offer real sound experience as this audio format works without any kind of compression. However, TrueHD files are too large even for Blu-ray or HD-DVD discs if entire contents are to be stored. Even though there are BD discs with TrueHD, they are available only for the main feature and probably in one language only. There is a chance this problem could be solved if film studios switched to dual layer BD’s with 50 GB capacity. Whether TrueHD is compatible with smaller 15 GB Single Layer HD-DVD versions is yes to be seen.

New Additional FunctionsÂ

No, Jack cannot die! The new data carriers not only offer a better experience of the original film but also additional features such as alternative film endings, scene menus, games and subtitles.

Blu-ray: These revisions are based on BD-J, a special Java variation. Interactive applications are now a reality thanks to an extensive programming interface integrated into every player. You can, for example, watch films in which you yourself can choose the storyline. Every movie can have a happy ending, if that’s what you desire.

Besides that, its also possible to integrate mini games and additional information about the movie onto the disc as well. in addition to that, these side applications could be updated regularly if the player is connected to the internet.

One minor setback of this new technology is that the video menu lags slightly right after being inserted into the player, probably because it isn’t optimized for Java programs. Accessing and making selections on the menu takes an agonizing 20-40 seconds. Manufacture are aware of this issue promises to deliver improved devices next time running. Expect newer generation players to contain a special Java chip that should play these extra features smoothly.

HD-DVD: Manufacturers utilize a combination of JavaScript, XML and SMIL( Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) on the script language iHD which is jointly supported by Disney, Microsoft and other big players of the industry. This is comparable to its Blu-ray counterpart, BD-J in which both offers the same functions.

New Copy ProtectionÂ

Tougher nut to crack. Any commercial movie content loaded into a BD / HD-DVD is secured by a wide range of DRM- protection with AACS (Advanced Access Content System) to ensure pirates and copycats cannot easily rip someone else’s property. This method protects the disc with 128 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and up till April 2007, has not been breached yet. Unlike a DVD’s CSS(Content Scrambling System) copy protection method protects only video data; AACS actually protects the complete content of the whole disc.

In the future, the “key” would no longer be integrated onto the medium, but instead the player will have to directly request it through the internet. It will only play the film after it has been authenticated by the websites.

Bottom LineÂ

Still not up to mark. Expensive players, expensive televisions, and expensive media yet is not perfect from a technical point of view. Sad to say, stepping into HD world is not worth the time and money at present. Of course you get high resolution images, superb sound and extra features but you should wait till the little irks and quirks get ironed out. At least, till next generation of players, possibly around the mid of 2007.So,will it be possible?

The Battle Of The Operating System(OS)

Monday, April 16th, 2007 |

……In one corner of the ring, a shiny blue Apple clad in a tiger-print loincloth represent the latest release of Apple’s Mac OS X. In the opposite corner, Tux the Penguin stands as the Linux mascot, his cheeky smile belying his ferocity at grabbing an ever-increasing share of the personal computer market. And towering over them on the post, the heavyweight contender Windows Vista flexes its muscles as it gets ready to take on the market that its predecessors have dominated for years. Fireworks ignite, spotlight beams illuminate the contenders and the crowd roars for action….

Introducing The Contenders 

Before the scrums begin, it’s good to know more about the players in the ring. Both Linux and Mac OS X have a lengthy pedigree, descending from the UNIX Time -Sharing System in the 1970’s. Linux started out as a Kernel hack by Linus Torvalds and thanks to the Internet,it quickly snowballed into a global project with thousands of volunteer contributors.

The Linux kernel was then combined with GNU software from the Free Software Foundation to create distributions such as Gentoo, Debian and Ubuntu Linux.

OS X, on the other hand, has its roots in commercial code. NextStep, a UNIX variant that had revolutionary graphics and object-oriented technologies, was ought over by Apple in the mid-1990’s in the quest to overhaul its ageing operating system. The resulting Darwin kernel, combined with Apple’s proprietary graphical interface and bits of the open-source FreeBSD UNIX, became Mac OS X.

As for the newcomer Windows Vista,it’s chequered  history of false starts and turnarounds meant that its release came two years later than scheduled. It was supposed to be just an upgrade for Windows XP but new features kept creeping in until everything ground to a halt. Development began afresh in 2004 and after an unprecedented beta program dubbed the largest download event ever, Vista was released to consumers at the beginning of the years.

Now that we’re done with introductions, let’s get straight to the action. How will the newcomer Vista spar in the ring next to the two fiery upstarts, Linux and Mac OS X, and will it live up to the expectations of its predecessors? Will it fall to the mat humbled by its competitors or stand triumphant over a crushed apple and broken penguin?

Let’s get ready to rumble!


Immediately, Vista leaps from the ropes to deliver a real smackdown of eye candy to silence criticism that Windows XP looked just a bit boring. The Aero Glass engines offers translucent textures, drop shadows and glass effects that make everything look like marbles. you can switch applications by flipping through them like a stack of cards and the Sidebar holds widget for quickly viewing important information. Once you get past the new look, the whole thing feels like a flying clothesline manoeuvre that fell short. I found it too flashy and the layout to be confusing and disorganized compared to Windows XP’s cleaner and more functional design.

Comparing Vista to the older OS X, I’m tempted to say “We’ve seen that before…”. OS X also offers eye-catching visuals, albeit in a much more sober manner. Buttons and controls are laid out simply, making a more coherent interface that even novices would find welcome. The Spotlight search engines makes easy work of sifting through documents, contacts, appointments and images. On the other hand, I sometimes feel that things are a bit too dumbed down for more experience users.

Tux the Penguin, on the other hand, does thing differently. Mainstream distributions like Ubuntu and SuSE usually bundle the GNOME desktop environment that’s styled to look like Windows to help new users switching over. But the strength of Linux lies in its modular approach because most of the components can be customized. I could easily come up with a totally wacky interface that looks like something from alien starship.

For the power user, a good command line interface is like a body slam that connects straight with the opponent and sends him crashing to the mat. Thanks to their UNIX roots, both Linux and OS X offer excellent command line interfaces that make it easy to reach deep into the guts of the computer, whereas you’ll have to stick to Vista’s graphical interface as its command line is nowhere near as powerful as the rest.


An operating system is only good as the software that runs on it. In that view, Vista delivers a thumping gutbuster over the others. Its Windows lineage means you can run almost all existing programs out there although some might need tweaking to run properly on Vista’s new architecture. Productivity software-for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, to email and others- is easily available for Windows, including Microsoft’s own Vista friendly Office suite that’s the de-facto standard for businesses. The new Windows mail replaces Outlook Express, adding speed and security to the mix.

If you want to get work done on Linux and OS X, you’ll have to rely more on free software or applications from smaller developers. One of my favorites is the OpenOffice suite that lets you exchange documents with Microsoft Office users, yet it’s completely free. OS X’s Mail is a straightforward mail client while GNOME Evolution for Linux is a much more full-featured personal information manager that also does e-mail well.


When the time comes to blasting away the day’s stress, the verdict is in. Windows smashes the others flat with a bone-crunching powerslam. Everyone from big name developers to boutique houses writes games for the Windows platform, along with hardware manufacturers who create graphics and gaming hardware for it. The tried-and true DirectX 9 is staple for developers but Vista’s DirectX 10 promises even better graphics and more immersive gameplay, at the expense of breaking compatibility with previous versions and requiring newer hardware.

The problem with OS X and Linux is that they’re niche platforms that most large game makers don’t find profitable, but gamers on those platforms shouldn’t despair. Most of the latest 3D shooters like Quake 4 and Unreal Tournament 2004 have been ported over and can be played just like their Windows versions, provided you have the necessary graphics hardware. You can even go on-line for some massively multiplayer gaming with World Of Warcraft, using the Wine emulation on Linux or the ported OS X version. It’s an optimistic time for gamers on other platforms as developers realize there’s a market outside Windows. At least they won’t have to stick to boring card games or endless round of computer Chess…


Kicking back and enjoying multimedia on your PC can sometimes feel like getting kicked and pinned to the ropes, no thanks to the multiplying alphabet soup of formats. This is an arena where lines have been drawn in the sand- Apple supports only its own Quicktime format while Microsoft throws its considerable weight behind Windows Media. Linux, pinned squarely in the middle, is forced to support more common formats and with free packages like MPlayer and VLC, you can effectively play everything out there.

Vista smacks a chair over OS X’s head with the new Windows Media Center that provides a one-stop-shop for listening to music and viewing photos,video,DVDs and even recorded TV shows. It’s an impressive application with more features compared to OS X’s minimalist Front Row, although the Apple offering is a bit more user friendly.

It’s in content creation where OS X strikes back. iLife ‘06- a diverse set of programs such as iMovie for video editing, iPhoto for organizing and editing photos, and iDVD for DVD authoring-is a beautifully, integrated suite for editing and sharing most of your media. The Vista equivalents are much better than before and get the job done but they don’t feel nearly as tightly coupled. Vista’s pervasive support for digital rights management(DRM) also has some experts wary about its effect on performance and compatibility with older hardware, especially when dealing with high definition content.


Windows XP gained a reputation early on as a malware magnet, attracting spyware, viruses and rootkits like ripe meat drawing flies. The average user faced a constant chore of updating patches and antivirus definitions to avoid “owned” by hackers or slowed to a crawl by spyware. Vista set out to fix that by using the Windows 2003 Server code base and battening down hatches to stop intrusions.

Whereas Windows XP would’ve been floored by a tag-team clotheslines by Linux and OS X, Vista can hold its ground. The anti-spyware tool Windows Defender and Windows Firewall mean your computer is reasonably protected right out of the box with less need for third-party security software, especially if you’re always connected to the Internet. Even the Internet Explorer browser, long a favorite malware target,now has a Protected Mode to thwart malicious sites. The new User Account Control feature prompts the user(to the point of annoyance) if the system needs administrator access to meddle with critical settings.

By using proven UNIX concepts of networking, a multi-user access and privileged operation, Linux and OS X had less to worry about. It’s easy to block unneeded services to reduce vulnerability and apply safe firewall rules; Linux’s success in the server market has shown it to be a secure, dependable operating system. Apple also prides itself on OS X’s security although that’s also a result of it’s tiny market share, making it less attractive to hackers.


Vista emerges bruised by its encounter with Linux and OS X, but by no means has it lost the battle. The lessons learned from Windows XP’s weaknesses in security, networking and multimedia have been applied to Vista to create a more competitive operating system that’s easier to use. on the other hand, OS X and Linux are geared to take a big chunk out of the PC pie by showing themselves as superior alternatives to Windows way.

In the end, it’s consumers who stand victorious: operating system will get better and better, for a more enjoyable computing experience.

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Top Ten Bid|New Directory From Malaysia Webmaster

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007 |

I visit Alang blog today and found a post that capture my eyes. Yes, a new directory again from Alang.

Okay, what’s the point. It is not an original idea from Alang since Dollar Linking was the first to do. But, hey, I don’t give a damn about it. Since it is a new directory, so the hope for your blog go the frontpage is easy. And for $1 for start bidding, there is no excuses. Just click here and grab your link fast!

(p/s: Alang, i borrow your picture)


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Malaysia Paypal V2.0 Is Arrived

Saturday, March 31st, 2007 |

Paypal is a common brand now all over the internet that had been used by many organization and companies as well as many bloggers as their online merchant account. We often hear of local internet marketers who find difficulties in withdrawing their Paypal funds due to the restriction set by Paypal on certain countries like Malaysia. Malaysians is not allowed to withdraw their Paypal funds directly to local Malaysian banks. I also use it for buy item or received my affiliate commission with Paypal .But, for someone like me that live outside the US, I can’t transfer my money in Paypal account into my bank account .

Many local netpreneurs, as well as Malaysian Lelong & eBay sellers exclude PayPal as a payment processor because of the limits in withdrawal for Malaysians. This is a shame because without using PayPal, you’ll be missing out on a whole market out there! Most international buyers prefer to use PayPal, as it’s safe, secured and easy to use.

And for so many times, I will find someone in Malaysia to trade my Paypal in and get my money. The only problem with it, is just converting the rate and trustworthy issue. And if you want to trade away all you money in Paypal to someone fast, you must decreased the rate a little bit or otherwise, it’s hard to do so.

Currently, the rate between US dollar to Ringgit Malaysia is USD 1 = RM 3.50. And I seldom sell my money in Paypal with a rate USD 1= RM 3 because you can trade fast with that rate.

And now the problem is not a main issue as someone had revealed a better way to withdraw your money in Paypal with easily, fast and secure. And his name is Hafiz Latib a.k.a Bitol. His e-book “Paypal Alternative in Malaysia” is coming through at the right time. He nailed down all the critical issues dealing with Paypal in Malaysia. I can tell you that it will be a big disadvantage if you don’t have a Paypal account.

I was amazed with the vast of information given in his e-book. I can’t believed that I was hooked for the book from the first page to the last and still feel want to know more. It did not happen many times! Now, I found the easiest way to withdraw my money in Paypal via ATM machine in Malaysia. Thumbs up to Bitol for such tremendous e-book that he wrote.And for just RM 10 @ USD 3, it is worth to buy.(I think the e-book value is more than that for the good info it had).

And for your information, I’m not giving any review easily until I found that it has something good to offer for everyone. I’m not amazed for how much money will I get for a review but I do care about the quality information. If you want to grab a copy of “Paypal Alternative in Malaysia”, just click here.

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MSN AdCenter Versus Google Adwords

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007 |


Okay, i will give some of my reviews here about two gigantic contextual ads developer in this world.Just to sort out of something that maybe can help you to choose better from those two.

I’m tired hearing everyone arguing about who’s better,who’s get the most good CTR,and bla,bla,bla. Okay, perhaps maybe some of you will yelling at me when you read this.But,this is from experience that i learn and get from using both of them.

My first experience using Google Adwords is tremendous! Why? Because i make a good sales from the visitors that they send to me. Or better we call it, a more quality visitors.Some say that the Google Adwords bid price is far too high than MSN AdCenter. Okay,that’s true.But the fact is,if you using a less competitors keyword and a relevant targeted keyword to your site,the price is fair at all.Using Keyword Analyer Tool that been provided by Google Adwords can help you to sort out what is the best keyword for you to bid in.

Okay,then with MSN AdCenter, you can get $0.10 or $0.15 per click.And i get a good clicks through indeed to my site.But,honestly,i didn’t make any sales at all.Yep,maybe it has less competitor in MSN rather than Google,but Google bring me more precisely visitors to me.And,I appreciated that.Love Google!

So,what is the most important,first is you must select what keyword is the most relevant and don’t throw away your money easily to bid on high price keyword.Build a good list for your keyword and try it overtime until you exactly get the most appropriate keyword to choose.It trial and error.You learn something from it.

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Auction Ads:Review

Sunday, March 11th, 2007 |

Auction Ads

What Is It Actually

  1. Auction Ads display live eBay auction to visitors in your blog based on your keyword.
  2. It is CPA.You get paid when your visitors buy the item or register.
  3. There’s also a built in affiliate/referral program built into the system - if another publisher clicks your ad and signs up as a result you get 2% of their earnings for 6 months.
  4. Set up is very similar to other ad networks (AdSense, Chitika etc) in that you put in the parameters that you want the ad to operate under (ad size, colors etc) and then are given some code to put into your blog.
  5. Ads are geo-targetted to your reader’s local ebay store - ie my Aussie readers will see an ebay auction to eBay Australia while my US readers see eBay US auctions.
  6. Payment is via PayPal each month when you hit a minimum $10 threshold.

Can We Used With Adsense?

Yes,if you ensure that the adsense ads look different than Auction Ads that run on your pages or blog.Adsense allow other ads publishers ads as long the ads did not look to confuse your visitors and look the same.So,make sure you aware about this and there will no problem at all.

CPC programs like adsense will payout each time there’s a click on your ads so there is no problem with the income even you just get a small traffic.

But CPA ads like Auction Ads will pay less because they require the reader to buy or register.You must expect to see less conversions with these ads - a lower percent of your readers will actually convert to dollars

So my conclusion is give it a test.(I mean It!)This is a brand new program so they would be a chance for you to grab.It also can be your alternative ads program rather than AdSense or Chitika.If your blog is  a niche blog that related for a few or targeted product like gadget,hardware,of software blog,this is must try!

If you get a result with it,let me know! :)

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