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Back from a 2 weeks break!

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007 |

Hey everyone, my sincere apology for leaving this blog outdated for the past 2 weeks without any notice. Have been so busy with life that it’s like every part of me is being wanted in every place.

Gosh next 5 weeks are gonna be one of the craziest busiest period of my life. And there seems to be a little problem receiving checks from google this month from DHL Secured Express Delivery. I will post on the blog when I have time soon. Anyone still out there?

AlphaGiga is back online!

Friday, November 30th, 2007 |

Hello everyone! I am Swank, 18 this year and yes I am honored to be given the privilege to keep this blog updated. Alpha, the previous owner of this blog has been given a good career job right now thus he is unable to keep this blog updated anymore.

Just a little introduction, I live in Singapore yes pretty near to Malaysia ;) I started on online entrepreneurship about 5 months ago and am glad to own over 40 sites now. The first thing I did online was domaining. I am sure some of you would have heard of cyber-squatting heh but yeah I dealt with buying and selling domains when I first started.

Currently I deal with web hosting, proxies, website advertising, domaining and a few others. In time to come I will be sharing my experiences and successes as an online entrepreneur. I hope this blog would provide all readers something good to read and benefit from.

To help me get started, I would love to hear what are some of the topics that you are interested in so I can share about them. Anything is appreciated even a warm welcome ;) Feel free to leave me a comment. Thank you! ~Swank~

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