Internet Disruption in India and the Middle East!

Written on January 31, 2008 – 8:41 am | by admin |

For those who are wondering why the internet connection has been so slow today, here’s why..

While I was out today for lunch, I caught this news on the big TV saying there has been an Internet Disruption in India and several countries in the Middle East of which some badly affected countries are Egypt and Lebanon.

It seems like an anchoring ship off Egypt’s Alexandria coast somehow damaged Indian undersea internet cables on Wednesday morning. A spokesman from India said the repair would take about 10 days. Currently the ISP providers are looking at rerouting so that users are able to connect at faster speed. So if you happen to have servers based in India or attempting to access Indian sites only to find that it’s so slow, u know why now.

Thank goodness this didn’t affect US, UK. I can’t imagine how bad the economy would go down further with the recent stock market and economy crisis at the US. People brace yourselves! 2008 aren’t gonna be an easy year!

You can find the full story here.

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  2. By ImamKhalid on Jan 31, 2008 | Reply

    Disebabkan aku tak dapat nak kontek ko or comment at your about page, aku nak tumpang tanya kat sini jer, boleh kan? ;)

    Betul ker ko punya reader sebanyak 7111 tu? Or is it just a dummy?

    Seems like it’s hard to believe :twisted:

  3. By uzair on Feb 1, 2008 | Reply


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