TheNewsRoom pays high CPM to publishers!

Written on January 18, 2008 – 4:16 pm | by admin |

As I was browsing through DP forum today. I came across this advertising agency called TheNewsRoom.

What caught my attention was the high CPM that they offer below:

The News Room CPM payout

TheNewsRoom (TNR) is the premiere online news site advertising company and their purpose is to help companies and advertisers publish their news around the globe. TNR uses embed codes to display their ads on publishers websites with ad types ranging from video plays to content-like ads (news) as well as image ads. What is so great about them is their CPM rates are fixed! They will always pay you $4 per 1000 plays of a video feed while most advertising companies pay irregular CPM rates.

The good thing I like about this is also it seems like even if you get 1000 page views from traffic sources that comes from China, they would still pay you $4 cpm for video feeds. In which case they will not devalue your impressions by giving you dirt low earnings for non-converting traffic which almost all other ad companies does.

The other thing to boast about TNR is their video feeds can be set to auto-play as well so you would still be making money even if the visitor does not stay to watch the video feed. Their other forms of advertising seems promising as well such as the Text Story ad, this kind of ad would add as interesting news content to your site and the Image ad would boost colors to your site making it even more attractive. The best part is you can choose the kind of news and content that you want to display on your site which could be lucrative content for your site.

I have just signed up with them and will give an update soon. They have been around for quite a long time now and have paid out to many publishers so we can be assured they are not a scam :)

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