WidgetBucks sending first payments!

Written on December 5, 2007 – 3:14 pm | by admin |

Awesome! The day has finally arrived! According to Widgetbucks blog they are sending the FIRST October payments 10 days earlier!!

This is an extract from their blog:

WidgetBucks is now distributing October earnings to publishers — nearly 10 days ahead of schedule. The initial wave of PayPal payments was sent yesterday, while the remainder go out over the next couple of days. Checks are being processed and mailed early this week as well, including those sent to international publishers. Given large holiday snail-mail volumes, please allow for additional time for checks to arrive, especially those sent outside the U.S. Note that only those publishers who earned $50USD or more (including the $25 sign-up bonus) during October will receive payments. Considered the fastest growing ad network on the Internet today, WidgetBucks has served three-quarters of a billion ad impressions in just its first two months.

Very exciting! Now that their first wave of payments are out it could lead to a high possibility of them regaining the trust of publishers and webmasters once again. Phew it’s a good thing I continued placing their ads on my proxy sites as it seems to finally pay off for trusting a brand new ad company which was acclaimed by many webmasters as scammers. For those who have yet to sign up, good news is the $25 bonus sign-up is still available! Sign up now and get $25 free here!

For the month of October alone WidgetBucks has made me $220.09 + $7.75 referals which mainly came from my proxies. Stay tuned, I will post my recipient of their payment when it’s sent to my paypal. In time to come I will also share tips on how proxies can make anyone a fortune! Yeahh that’s what we all love about Internet Marketing cos it gives us the opportunity to work less and yet earn big figures ;)

p.s Domain tips will be out shortly.

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